If you are an event organizer and would like to have Deborah come and speak or teach, below are some standard topics she covers. Any sessions may be combined and if you have special requests, email Deborah to discuss your ideas

Journal Writing-From why one should keep a journal to twelve journaling techniques one can use, this workshop can be tailored from a two hour to a week program. Ask about incorporating ‘making a journal’ into these sessions. (This program can be tailored for non-writers.)

Marketing Your WorkCovers finding markets for your work, placing that work, working with editors and publishers, writing queries and bookkeeping. Programs vary from one to four hours.

Writing the Non-fiction Book ProposalKnowing how to put together a book proposal in today’s publishing climate is crucial. This program will guide participants from idea to finished proposal. Typically, this workshop should run as an all day workshop or four to six week sessions.

Getting Published-Learn the basics of getting published from how to catch an editor’s attention to the do’s and don’ts of approaching one. Participants will be introduced to standard manuscript formatting and the tools one needs to get started. Depending on needs, sessions will run from one to two hour sessions.

Researching Your BookFrom your local library to the Internet, sources abound for research these days. This program presents not only places to look for research, but how to keep that research organized so one can find it. Runs from one to two hours.

Organize Your Work to Keep Momentum Flowing-In this session participants will hear ideas for organizing their research as well as their finished pieces. They will be introduced to computer programs that will assist in that organizing as well as day-to-day small things to keep their workspace and projects flowing. One-hour program. (Deborah also offers one-on-one workspace evaluations. Click on SERVICES.)

Wanted: How-to Writers-This is one article type everyone who writes should know how to do. Why? Because editors actively look for how-tos. Presented in a step-by-step approach, participants will leave with how-to ideas and the knowledge of how to put one together. This program can be expanded to include not only writing how-to articles to writing how-to books. Offered in one hour to six-week sessions. (Private critiques can be arranged.)

Writing Fillers: How Small Sales Can Add Up to Big $-From jokes to recipes to cute kid’s sayings, editors look for small pieces to fill up white space in their magazines. If writers keep enough of these in the mail, they can fill up the empty space in their bank account. This program teaches participants how. Can range from one hour to three.

Writing the Personal Experience Piece-This program will not only define this type of article, but helps participants plan to write their own. Covers the items that go into a personal experience and where they can be marketed. Sessions run from one to two hours.

Negotiating the Mine Field of Interviews-From gathering research information to writing interview articles this program will cover approaching the subject, writing questions and how to write them, and the follow-up. Equipment one will need for a successful interview will also be discussed. Depending on group and needs, one to two hours.

Your Creative Muse: How to Find It, Keep It, and Use It-Every creative individual has days when he feels like he’s been abandoned by his muse. In this session, participants will do creative exercises; learn techniques to tap into their creative self and ideas to keep them moving ahead on projects. Program runs from one to two hours.

Tap Your Creative Spirit and SoarThis program deals with the elements of success, from finding what you want and where you want to go with your creativity to reaching your goals. Persistence and determination will be discussed as well as courage and commitment. Typical a one hour lecture, this can be designed into a three hour workshop.

Selling Yourself: Why You Should Teach & Speak-It’s one thing to sit at the keyboard and write a book. It’s quite another to spread the word about that book. Besides bringing in much needed cash to your coffers, teaching and speaking is one way to develop a following so readers will know your books exist. This session will cover the many aspects of teaching and speaking addressing issues like stage fright and writing press releases. Running from one-hour lecture to four-week workshop.

Writing Book Reviews-This presentation features the who, what, when, where, and why of writing book reviews.  It provides information on who to contact to receive books for review and also how to sufficiently extract relevant information that will allow participants to write reviews accurately and quickly. (One-hour program.)

Prices vary from $45 a participant (minimum of ten) to $200 an hour. Traveling expenses are extra, if applicable. Email Deborah to discuss individual rates.